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Four of the largest open source CMS creators are forming a group to jointly advance their international views and interests.

The reason for this was the introduction of the Cyber Resilience Act (C.R.A) by the European Union. This is a law that determines who is responsible and liable for software and any security holes therein. The EU's goal is to increase the security of software.

The open source community provided feedback on the initial proposal from Brussels and it became largely adopted.

This exercise gave Drupal, Joomla, TYPO3, WordPress the idea to organize themselves for similar issues in the future. This led to the founding of the Open Website Alliance (no website yet).

The alliance, which accounts for fifty of the world's websites, wants to collaborate more easily. The mission (PDF) is to keep the internet open, secure and accessible to everyone by encouraging open source and providing a reliable alternative to cloud and big tech. Maintaining your own content and data is one of the most important principles: data ownership.

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